About us

We are a Swiss-based and managed group of digital masters and remote talents from around the world. 

We are your offsite extended team: your go-to creative, tech, and marketing consultants providing guidance and services to help you shape and drive your transformation journey to remain at the forefront of the Digital Age.

Our purpose is to empower you to achieve more. We know that if you could, you would do more, reach more objectives to help your organisation. But two things are always preventing you. Budget and time. This is why we exist: to create solutions that allow you to experiment, to design, to deliver, to test, to adjust, and be flexible when your objectives change. Read our letter of commitment to you!

Why Us

We aspire to offer a well-designed, functioning, fast and high-quality execution at an affordable price to create a trusted brand reputation for our mission and vision.

We aspire to deliver quality service

Even though we are international, we are managed by a Swiss team that ensures quality service delivered on time to meet the expectation of our clients.

We offer affordable prices

We decreased our sales prices compared to our competitors and make our services affordable to many organisations so we can focus more on developing our customer base.

We gain credibility for our vision

We want to gain credibility by delivering on what we say. Our mission and vision is meaningless unless it’s not reflected and realised in our everyday actions.

Our mission

To contribute to build the Future of Work by giving endless opportunities to work harmoniously anytime, anywhere.

We have been and will still continue to break the traditional working setup to promote the Future of Work. With our doors open to global talents, we create career opportunities for anyone in the world. The possibilities for remote work are endless. We are reaching far and wide across the globe for an exchange of knowledge, passion and skills in order to support our vision. 

Our vision

To be the world’s most trusted platform for remote talents by making our knowledge, passion, skills and talents universally accessible and affordable to as many organizations as possible.

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it is the ability to adapt. That is what we aim to provide our clients. We are your flexible digital arms and legs that will help you survive unforeseen changes and adjustments, support your digital needs, and succeed on your journey during the time of COVID-19 and beyond.

A mission and vision combined with
strong human values

Our core values are defined to create a working environment that maximises human relationships.

Accountability on our commitments: We are accountable for delivering on our commitments to make a positive difference in our clients’ and partners’ goals.

Trust and respect: We trust and respect our people, value their contribution, encourage their development, and reward their performance.

Passion with compassion: We are passionate with our craft and share a common objective of showcasing social responsibility through charitable efforts.

Global teamwork: We work together, across boundaries and timezones, to meet the needs of our customers and to better the lives of many.

The Digiters and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the private sector with a lens through which to translate global needs and ambitions into business solutions across the value chain.

We support the United Nations in ensuring the success of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by bringing together our knowledge, talents, gifts, resources, and network in the following goals:

Meet our leadership team

The Digiters are led by a unique combination of professionals who are masters in their respective fields.

Spencer Cab
Managing Director,
Head of Account Management

Raissa Divino
Head of Project Management

Michele Panzarino
Head of Finance and Partnerships

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