How Marketers Find New Ways To Be More Human In A Time Of Uncertainty

How Marketers Find New Ways To Be More Human In A Time Of Uncertainty

It has been challenging to create and maintain deeper connections with other people at this time of global pandemic. Everyday is full of uncertainty and everyone is spending more time with their gadgets. Though some of us are stuck indoors with our families, socializing with other people outside our homes seem really important for our wellbeing. Going online has been the new norm for social distancing.

For professionals working in the field of marketing, this is a struggle. Like everyone else, they need to adjust to the new normal. Companies and organisations that continue with their business-as-usual operations are up on their feet to find new ways to make their strategies work in the middle of the global pandemic. Here are some of the ways they try to be more human for their customers.

1. Adjusting to new expectations and experiences

With governments locking down, quarantine measures and health precautions being followed, day-to-day experiences of people and their expectations have changed dramatically. One example of this is the effect of staying at home and closure of shops. Previous strategies of advertising will no longer be effective. To better adjust to the current situation, marketers should change their strategy to match the expectations of the people based on their experiences during the pandemic. In this way, marketers can get in touch with the people and stay relevant.

2. Listening and observing

Observing the changes in the environment is one way to familiarise with the current situation. During this time when people spend most of the time online, social media plays a great role. By browsing through the different platforms, you can already see and listen to the needs of the customers. You get to understand their circumstances and feelings, and have an idea on how to rework your strategies to stay relevant to them.

3. Showing genuine compassion

During this time that we are facing a global health crisis, it is important to show genuine compassion without pushing too much for your products or services. It is much better to aim for relevance instead of sales or conversion. There are some companies and businesses whose plans were already laid for the early months of the year and failed to retract them. They ended up looking like they did not care about the situation at all. In times like these, marketing efforts should focus more on showing compassion. This means letting customers and other people know that you are promoting the importance of our humanity amidst crisis.

4. Rewarding loyalty

With everything going on, it is hard to reach out to your customers on a personal level. Even if we are in the middle of a pandemic, we still have to be able to provide the best customer experience and maintain good relationships with them. This is important because we want to remain in their minds until all goes back to normal. By then, customer relationships should be as strong or even stronger than before. One thing you could do is to reward their loyalty in an innovative way. You can listen to their needs and provide them with help. This act of kindness can go a long way more than simply a reward. It is a way of reaching out to them.

5. Preparing for the post-COVID-19 world

As we enter the latter part of the year and embrace the new normal, marketers should already be able to fully adjust and learn from the situation. The world no longer revolves around how companies and businesses survive. It is about how important humanity is above all else. This can be achieved by collaborating with and caring for people, the customers. Make sure that from this day forward, all marketing efforts will be aimed towards establishing human connections and keeping the relationships strong through your products and services.

The global pandemic has pushed the world to embrace a fully digital lifestyle. To keep up with this advancement, associations and businesses should be able to fuse together a healthy mix of digital experience with a human touch. To make it possible, marketers should totally overhaul their strategy and execution in terms of adapting to the current situation. Strategies from last year and pushing for hard selling will not be that effective today.

6 Technologies That Make Us Productive While Working From Home

6 Technologies That Make Us Productive While Working From Home

The Digiters have been working from home since the team was established years ago. Each one of us is located strategically around the world at the comfort of our own homes. This year’s global pandemic made us realise that our working setup will soon become the new normal. Most companies and businesses had no choice but to oblige their employees to work from home unprepared.

Remote working has been effective for us and because it will be the future of work in the post-COVID-19 world, we are here to share our knowledge in this working environment. Here are six technologies that we use on a regular basis.

1. Zoom and Google Meet for video meetings

We use Zoom and Google Meet for meetings and conferences, either in groups or one-on-one. The good thing about these conferencing platforms is the capability to create breakout rooms where the meeting host can split the meeting participants into separate smaller sessions. In this way, you can communicate faster with everyone at the same time. We defined usual daily rooms for different teams and projects. So based on what project you are working on, you can enter into that particular room to be virtually together with your project team in one place. This work setup improved our efficiency, communication, and team spirit.

Lear more about Zoom and Google Meet.

2. G Suite for emails and file storage

Aside from using Gmail as our business email provider, we also use other Google tools to make our collaboration easier. We have Google Drive for storage. For the actual file creation, we have Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. We also use Google Hangouts for quick audio/video chats and Google Calendar for meeting invites and scheduling. The best thing about having G Suite is that everyone can easily access anything.

Learn more about the Google Suite.

3. Slack for team communication

We use Slack for professional messaging and team communication. It is a quick and easy to use app for computers or mobile phones. You can send a direct message to anyone or create public and private channels where your team can discuss work matters instantly. 

Learn more about Slack.

4. Asana for project management

For managing and tracking progress of ongoing projects, we use Asana. In this tool, everyone in the team can see what tasks are being done and to whom they are assigned. Each task on the board can be transferred to a different column depending on their status such as to-do, doing, and done. You can add more columns to easily track everyone’s assigned task. You can add teams and create projects. This is a more organised way of collaborating especially if team members are all working remotely.

Learn more about Asana.

5. Clockify for tracking work hours

Compared to an office environment, you cannot check the attendance of each team member when you all work remotely. For this reason, we use Clockify to track the working time of our team members. Aside from this, you can also view what tasks they are working on. Checking how long a person has worked is good if your team works full-time or on an hourly basis. The team can set hourly rates, billable time, breaks, and send a report of how they have spent their day. By using time trackers, you can have enough proof that the team is performing even while working from home. This is also a proof of how much you have worked and the time you invested.

Learn more about Clockify.

6. Revolut for salary disbursement 

Of course, what better way to appreciate the team’s hard work than to send them their salaries in a timely manner. This is why we use Revolut. With this financial tech, we can easily send or receive money in any currency, either directly to our personal bank accounts in our respective countries or within the Revolut app.

Learn more about Revolut.

There are a lot of other technologies made available for use to improve the productivity of everyone working from home. These are just some of the platforms that the Digiters are using. We are sharing them to you to help you get an idea of how effective remote working can be and how it can be beneficial especially in the new normal.

We Congratulate the World Economic Forum on Their 50th Anniversary

We Congratulate the World Economic Forum on Their 50th Anniversary

We congratulate the World Economic Forum for their Annual Meeting this January 2020 in Switzerland, marking their 50th anniversary!

The annual meeting’s theme is “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World” and as Digiters, we are proud and honoured to be able to contribute by helping them in their mission to improve the state of the world. This is through our efforts to support their digital and direct marketing activities.

Again, congratulations to the World Economic Forum and we wish for more successful years in shaping the future!

Follow the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting sessions here.

Digiters 2019: The Year That Was

Twenty nineteen. The end of the decade for everyone, but a year of breakthroughs and leaps of faith for us. It has been a whole twelve months of aiming for bigger things, targeting better goals, making wiser decisions and becoming stronger than ever.

It would not be possible without our loyal clients and mentors. Thank you for choosing us and staying with us. Your trust in the Digiters to be your partner in your digital journey means a lot. We are happy and grateful for the opportunity to showcase our talents and skills by providing services that help you to advance towards your goals.

To this day, we improved and launched numerous websites, enhanced graphic and digital designs, developed web and mobile apps, and helped companies undergoing brand and digital transformation in partnership with us.

This year, we also expanded our existing roster of experts and digital masters with the addition of Grace for marketing and social media, Sitanshu for video editing, Maia for graphics and animation, Marionne for content writing, Dennis for software development, Alessandro and Michele for our Italian network, and Luthando for tech management.

Aside from work-related projects, we are proud to be socially responsible citizens of the world by making sure all our efforts are put into good use. The Digiters continuously support orphanage associations, native tribes, community churches, non-government organizations and poor families in the Philippines and in Africa.

Together, as we grow our team of talented people with humble hearts, we are dedicated to overcoming challenges and embarking on new projects. As the year ends, we look forward to partner with more organizations to help them shape their next digital decade.

GlobalView Investments SA starts their brand refresh for 2020 with us

GlobalView Investments SA starts their brand refresh for 2020 with us

We are proud to be of service to GlobalView Investments SA as they take the initiative in improving their business for the future.

GlobalView Investments is an independent investment firm providing discretionary and advisory global asset management for private clients across Europe and the Middle East. 

Our collaboration is currently ongoing and we are helping them to enhance their current brand visual identity. We will undergo a complete redesign of their logo and marketing materials, including their existing website. With our combined services in the creative and technical fields, we provide a one-stop shop of strategy and execution.

We are glad to have been chosen as GlobalView’s partner for their 2020 brand refresh. Our aim is to continue serving business organisations and help them materialise their projects in the digital world. We are here to make an impact by achieving a future-proof goal together with our partners.

Learn more about us and our services.

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