Why Hiring From Freelance Web Design Platforms Is Better

Why Hiring From Freelance Web Design Platforms Is Better

The rise of freelance web design is still ongoing after the pandemic forced most businesses to go digital. Physical stores turned into online shops and the need for a good website design became in demand.

Because of this, business owners who have no experience as a website developer need to hire one just for this project. Though there are many companies offering do-it-yourself websites, the challenge now is to create a professional-looking and consumer-friendly online portal for customers and clients.

Web design as a showcase of credibility

It is important to note that website design is something that people use to judge a company or a brand. A simple website includes a homepage, list of products and services, company page, and contact information. If it looks good in terms of design, functionality, and content, then it is considered legitimate, high quality, and believable.

If a website looks sloppy and lacks a good page design, it cannot guarantee gaining trust from the customers. For ready-made websites and those that use common WordPress themes, the challenge is to make the website look unique. You will still need a website developer to work on the branding.

To be clear, web design is not the same as web development, but they can overlap certain skills and be good at both. A website designer uses softwares and technologies to create page layouts and elements that are visually appealing to website visitors. They also work on improving the user interface and user experience, and they collaborate with graphic artists, programmers, and copywriters to come up with a great website.

In-house vs. outsourced web designer

Hiring an in-house web designer means including the person in your roster of regular employees. This setup is ideal for bigger businesses with web design projects that need full-time support on a daily basis. It is also advisable for those who plan to scale up their business and create additional advanced website functions such as ecommerce or chatbots.

If you are going to do small website design projects, create a new one or update an existing website, then outsourcing a web designer is the most efficient way to go. Usually, outsourcing through a freelance web design platform can cost 25% to 50% lower than a regular employee. Not only can you lower your cost, you can also speed up the process without the need to sacrifice the quality. 

Hiring a website design freelancer

A freelancer can work remotely and can help you save a lot. Global talents are skillful and can compete with international standards. There are a lot of remote workers now and it is up to you to choose the best one to match your needs.

In terms of price, a freelance web designer’s hourly rate is lower than an in-house employee. Some freelancers also provide lower fixed costs which is very affordable especially for smaller businesses, startups, and new entrepreneurs.

Another great thing about hiring a freelancer is having a more personal and direct contact to the service provider which means no more middlemen and no more dealing with other people. The focus is more on the web design project, its quality, and finishing it in time.

Freelancers often have specializations and it makes it easier to focus on an expertise. Though it’s good to get someone with a wider knowledge, it’s easier to hire if you are looking for a particular skill area.

Of course, the best thing about hiring a freelancer is their attitude. Since they work alone, they are more flexible, independent, focused, and client-oriented. Freelance website designers have a mindset of getting the job done which means getting quicker results.

Hiring from a freelance web design platform

Where else can you find the best freelance website designer for your needs but on freelancing platforms. Going through a freelance platform is the easiest way to find the perfect candidate. Not only do they have a long list of experts you can choose from, they also provide assistance throughout the hiring process.

Always remember that the creation of a quality website requires time and manpower. It requires skilled web devs and web designers. Freelancers are a much cheaper alternative, and a freelancing platform can help you get the best talents.

The Digiters can help

If you need to hire a freelance website designer to improve your already existing website, or if you need a web dev to start working on your new website, then the Digiters can definitely assist you. After all, why do it yourself if you can dedicate your free time for other matters and get a global expert to do it for you instead.

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