If you are a charity organization or a company with ideas for helpful causes, you would need experts in digital marketing for nonprofits to get things started. Having a digital marketing strategy can help achieve goals faster and reach target markets for your projects such as digital marketing fundraising. 

In this article, I discuss the steps on designing strategies to better promote everything about your charitable efforts.

How to create a digital marketing strategy for nonprofits

Choosing the right goal

Before you start with your strategy, it is important to pinpoint what you want people to do. Take note that an approach is different when you ask for donations, let them sign up for a cause, inform about an ongoing campaign, or other goals.

If you want to achieve a lot of goals, you can make separate strategies for each of them. This is to prevent people from getting confused when you want them to do a lot of actions in a single campaign.

Making the right pitch

There are a lot of nonprofit marketing campaigns everywhere on the internet. The challenge is for you to be able to get people’s attention and make them stay and read your content long enough to take action.

Most nonprofit digital marketing campaigns do not get much attention because they start out too wordy without getting straight to the point. Aside from using the right words, it is important that a digital marketing strategy for an NGO includes presenting their ideas and goals outright.

For example, if your aim is to get donations, tell the people where the donations will go and how it can positively affect the community. If your aim is to gather volunteers, tell the people what’s in it for them and the benefits of joining your cause. If you want to increase supporters, offer resources that they can download and other useful information that they can read on your website.

Keep in mind that in marketing a nonprofit organization, messaging is key. 

Guiding the visitor all the way

A digital marketing approach to nonprofit organizations can sometimes mislead people into thinking that it is just another information drive about the cause. If your marketing plan for a nonprofit organization includes a call-to-action, it is necessary to place it somewhere on your website or social media post where people can see, together with a step-by-step guide on what they need to do. 

Keeping the design clean and simple

The difference of marketing for nonprofit organizations compared to an ordinary digital marketing strategy is the lesser need for the design to look hip and trendy. Of course, it still helps if you can include photos of events or volunteer work because it can attract potential donors or supporters. But in terms of layout and colors, simple is better. It can direct people’s attention to the message.

Testing the landing page

There are a lot of nonprofit organization marketing examples that you can find online. In these examples, you can compare what works and what does not. Same goes with your newly launched campaign where you can do an A/B test to see if it works and improve on the elements as you go along.

You can also perform social media marketing efforts to check if your marketing assets are attractive enough to call people’s attention.

The Digiters can help

Instead of going to a digital marketing agency for nonprofits or relying on free marketing plan templates online, it is better to hire an expert who can help you with the different aspects of the landing page. Here is where the Digiters come in. After all, why do it yourself if you can dedicate your free time for other matters and get a global expert to do it for you instead.

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