Nonprofit digital marketing refers to online activities and strategies that spread the message of the organization, promote donation campaigns, and call for volunteers. Digital marketing and online presence have become valuable to nonprofits now more than ever.

Nonprofit organizations, along with other industries, are undergoing digital transformation at a rapid pace. In fact, in the last five years, the NGO Online Technology Report found out that 92% of NGOs own a website, 95% have Facebook pages, 83% have Twitter accounts, 40% are on Instagram, and 75% accept online donations.

They have entered the digital marketing scene because of the following goals:

  • To acquire new donors
  • To engage the community
  • To promote brand awareness
  • To encourage donations and donor retention

Nonprofits can do digital marketing

Aside from the fact that going digital is the way to go these days, the cost of having an online presence is also lower than choosing TV or radio platforms for advertisements. This is one of the reasons why nonprofit organizations can go for digital marketing tactics. Since they have a limited budget, they will surely opt for the most economical way to market their cause.

They can also reach more prospective donors by going online. With more people increasing their time spent on the internet and social media, nonprofit digital marketing proves to be an efficient method. 

Digital content is also the fastest way to reach more people as they consume more information and entertainment through online platforms. For nonprofit organizations, content should be focused on getting attention and tugging at the heartstrings of the readers.

Not all nonprofit marketing is the same

Nonprofit organizations can promote themselves and their causes differently. Most of the time, it can depend on the type of cause such as social issues, environmental issues, and healthcare issues.

Nonprofit ideas and causes can be harder to market and sell than products and services.

A nonprofit organization or one of its campaigns should have a well-defined mission.

Nonprofits have smaller marketing budgets and receive less social media attention.

Why do nonprofits struggle with marketing?

Although there are many ways in which a nonprofit can market itself and its causes, it is not always quick and easy to do. 

Here are the most common challenges that nonprofits face when it comes to marketing:

  • Content effectiveness
  • Producing engaging content
  • Lack of budget
  • Producing content regularly and consistently
  • ROI of content marketing

Nonprofit digital marketing ideas

The digital world has paved a new way for how nonprofit organizations operate. More than adapting to the emerging technologies, they also have to maintain their charitable efforts and provide for the growing needs of the community.

Here are some of the ways you can do digital marketing efforts for nonprofits:

1. Upgrade your website. Make sure your website is visible in search engines, accessible through any device, and mobile-responsive. Improve the design if necessary, as well as the navigation or optimization.

2. Level up your social media usage. Be present on all applicable social media platforms. This is a good way to establish a connection with the community, spread your content, and be shared.

3. Set up automation. Automated replies whether via emails or on social media can help a lot in saving time and establishing communication with your donors and leads. Having a strong CTA in the automated replies can also help achieve your goals without having to do it yourself.

4. Sign up for the Google Ad grant. Nonprofit organizations can advertise through Google Grant where qualified nonprofit organizations are given up to $10,000 per month in search ads.

5. Produce more video content. Video content is becoming more widespread whether short form or long form vlogs. More and more people are choosing to consume videos and it is a good way to grab their attention and build an audience. Videos are more effective in touching lives and tugging heartstrings than any other form of digital content.

6. Improve your content marketing and SEO. Produce more content on all platforms, post news and articles on your website, and optimize them for SEO.

7. Go for virtual events. Transfer your fundraising events online or host sponsored live stream events on social media. This is a fairly new strategy but as the pandemic is still widespread, it is still a good way to establish your digital presence.

The Digiters can help

Instead of going to a marketing agency, it is better to hire an expert who can assist you with the technicalities of digital marketing for your nonprofit organization. You don’t have to do it yourself because the Digiters are here. You should be dedicating your free time to your advocacies and other matters. It’s time to get a global expert who can do it for you and match your budget.

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