Remote work is not for everyone. This has been the struggle of most employees early this year when companies and businesses were forced to work from home because of the pandemic. They were not able to prepare themselves for the adjustment and transition. They were not equipped with the right skills and attitude in dealing with this new setup.

But if you are a fresh graduate or someone who is just starting to look for remote jobs, you still have a chance to prepare for the future of work. Here are the things you need to have in order to say that you are truly ready for remote work.

1. Tools and equipment

These are basically the things you need to be able to work anywhere efficiently. You must have your desktop or laptop with installed softwares, programs, platforms, and apps. You also need a good audio-video device for virtual meetings or other gadgets. Most of all, you need a strong internet connection because this is the heart and soul of remote work. Without a proper internet connection, you cannot do any task.

2. Conducive workspace

Working from anywhere does not necessarily mean just “anywhere” you like. When choosing a perfect workspace, make sure you can work productively with no distractions. Set up your home office where there is good lighting, strong internet connection, less noise, and zero disturbances. Of course, the most important thing is to make sure you are comfortable and everything you need is within your reach.

3. Schedules and boundaries

This part is where time management skill is required. Working remotely means you own your time and you can set schedules for yourself. Without setting boundaries for all your daily activities, you might end up having problems with work-life balance. Following routines can help you distinguish the thin line between household chores and your job when you are working at home. In this way, you can also inform your family members that you cannot be disturbed during your specified working hours.

4. Mental and emotional wellness to face new challenges caused by this new set up

Working remotely means you are going to work alone, without the physical presence of your team. Make sure that this setup is okay with you. There are no colleagues to hang out with, no office environment, and no one to check up on you from time to time. Because you work with no supervision, make sure you can be resilient enough and resolve your issues on your own. Take care of yourself and avoid burnouts by setting schedules and boundaries. You should not be afraid to speak up and let your manager know if you are given the right amount of tasks for your capacity.

5. Willingness to continue learning

There is a lot to learn when you work remotely and it takes a whole new experience in order for you to be familiar with this setup. Aside from learning how to use the right technology for remote work, you also improve your communication skills along the way. You will also be exposed to new cultures and work ethics. If you keep an open mind for new things, you will surely thrive in a remote work environment.

Bonus: Motivation

If you are motivated to work in a remote setup and you see yourself excel in the new normal, then you are ready for anything. Without determination and willingness to explore the possibilities, you will only find yourself feeling lonely and tired all the time.

This is why remote work is not for everyone. Those who are not ready are not motivated enough to work alone and far from the team. But this is the new normal. This is the future of work. Time will come when companies will make remote work readiness as a must-skill set for them to employ you.