Finally, 2020 is about to end, the year when the world began to embrace changes. Looking back at the past months since the pandemic emerged, we have seen how countries and governments responded and how people reacted. Simply surviving the year through different strategies is already a great achievement.

For us, the Digiters, that is what we consider our greatest success this year. Like everyone else, we have spent a challenging year at our homes with our families embracing the changes, thinking positive, adapting to the new normal, brainstorming on how we can change and improve ourselves and our services to help our clients and partners survive and succeed during the pandemic times. We’ve rethought of how we could transform the future together to a world where we can maximise the use of technology while prioritising human wellbeing and human experiences. 

Despite all the hard times, we are happy to have grown our amazing team this year, as we continue to be advocates of remote work. We are more than grateful to God and to you for our projects, partnerships, and our stronger online presence. Like bamboo stalks huddled together, we swayed but never snapped. We have been hit but didn’t give up. We might have fallen down but we rise up again stronger than ever, fully committed and motivated by our mission to contribute to build the Future of Work by giving endless opportunities to work harmoniously anytime, anywhere, and by our vision to be the world’s most trusted platform for remote-based consultants by making our knowledge, passion, skills and talents universally accessible and affordable to as many organizations as possible.

As we enter 2021, let us carry with us our precious learnings, our renewed strength, and our impact-driven motivation to be resilient and face the unexpected tomorrow.  

From the Digiters, we wish all of you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.