We are almost at the end of the year and there is no doubt that the future of work is from anywhere, at any time. Ever since the declaration of the pandemic and the mandatory lockdowns worldwide, office-based employees have been asked to work from home. Looking at the world after the pandemic, we are seeing that the new normal would be working from anywhere.

We have seen the importance of technology and connectivity in our everyday lives. Our smartphones and social media activities have kept us sane amidst the uncertainties. It has even become the holy grail to those who have started working from home. Though working remotely is not something new, it gained traction because of the need for businesses to continue their operations despite the lockdowns. In fact, long-time remote workers and freelancers are rejoicing because their working setup is now being recognised and adapted.

The earlier months of 2020 have been a series of trial and error for most office-based companies and businesses as they go about this abrupt change of work setup. It’s good that there are technologies that support remote working and help make global collaboration easier. Most of all, having the perfect team of remote workers will make everything run smoothly.

Here are some of the important qualities you should look for when building your remote team of experts:


Look for someone who already knows or has an idea how this setup works. It would mean he or she is already familiar and has adjusted to the needs of remote working. They should know how to manage their time wisely, deal with distractions, set deadlines and follow throughs, and respect the time of their colleagues.


Motivation is a challenge for remote workers, especially to those who have come from office-based jobs. Being self-motivated or having that can-do attitude helps in ensuring that a person can and will do the job independently. He or she should be able to stay on track and accomplish tasks even when colleagues and superiors are not around.

Skilled in communication

Despite the lack of physically present colleagues, communicating is one of the most important skills in a remote work setup. Though there is no need for face-to-face interaction, being a good communicator using email and other messaging platforms is essential. It doesn’t just mean good in composing clear and concise thoughts, but also in understanding the relay between people.


In connection with being a good communicator, everyone should also know the importance of being responsive. Since this is a remote setup using high technology platforms, quick responses are expected. Make sure the team is reachable via any messaging platform of your choice. When it comes to global teams, take note of the time difference in every location so that you would know when to expect the other person to respond.


Another challenge for companies and businesses transitioning to remote work is introducing the use of technology to their team. It is important to gather people that are already familiar with working with gadgets, softwares, and apps. In this way, tasks are efficiently done without having the need to orient them with step-by-step instructions and to avoid misuse.

Final Thoughts

Working from anywhere at any time is the new normal. This is a huge shift in our work culture at a global scale. The future is in the hands of the remote workforce and by next year, companies and businesses will have a better understanding of how this setup works. This does not only mean keeping safe against the coronavirus, but also gaining other benefits such as improved productivity, greater retention of talent, and more effective recruitment. Companies and businesses can save a lot from hiring worldwide talents. Everyone can enjoy working from anywhere in the world during any time they want.

The only secret lies in forming the right team with the perfect members. Not everyone is fit for a remote environment. Make sure each individual is capable and ready to embrace the future of work.

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