The Digiters Giveback

One of our objectives is to make digital technology more human by being socially responsible and changing the lives of children for the better.

We have established the Digiters to bring out the best of ourselves while doing good for the society and the community. Our belief in the power of technology to maximise human experiences gives us enough reason to give back and partner with local organisations to provide help for poor children in Asia and in Africa.

We charge a flat fee and the remaining portion will be used in working with local partners to help children.

This means: 

  • You get great output from the Digiters while participating in a humanitarian effort.
  • There is no conflict of interest between us because we always earn a flat rate.
  • Social good and faith in humanity is etched into the core of our business model.

How we drive change for children

We partner with local organisations to address the following issues:


Reduce child mortality by working to reach the most vulnerable children.


Support quality learning for every child, especially those who are being left behind.

Social policy

Reduce child poverty and protect children from its lifelong consequences.


Co-create innovative solutions that accelerate progress for children.

Local organisations we partner with


Founded in 2013, CEREMHEN works to improve the living condition of orphans by promoting education, fighting against malnutrition, and providing medical care in the Boma region and the village of Kiphudi, Congo RDC.


Founded in 2016, H.H.C. is a non-profit secular humanitarian association working in partnership with international NGO development projects intervening with the most vulnerable populations in Cameroonian territory.


Founded in 2018, Joy Foundation partners with rural communities to encourage youth and community to find a sense of purpose and optimism for their future by promoting learning initiatives, support systems, and wellness recreation in South Africa.


Founded by the Cabildo and Divino family, CABINO provides for the needs of orphaned and poor children in the region of Luzon, Philippines.

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