Company Introduction

The Digiters is a Swiss-based and managed group of digital masters and remote consultants from around the world. We are an offsite extended team of creative, tech, and marketing consultants. We provide guidance and services to help businesses and organizations shape and drive their transformation journey to remain at the forefront of the Digital Age.

The Joy of Working With Us

By being a Digiter, you get to work with European clients and you have access to professional coaching and training. Work hours are flexible and you can choose if you want to be part-time or full-time. You have total freedom because we operate in a fully-remote working environment and you can work on your preferred projects. Plus, you can get performance bonuses and opportunities for professional development! The possibilities are endless with the Digiters!

Job Description

Digiters is looking for multiple competent Drupal Developers from multiple levels, Junior to Senior level to be added to our talent pool.


  • Technology and solution leadership of complex Drupal-based systems including system and data migration.
  • Create, customize, develop, and implement Drupal version 8 CMS to manage content including updates, enhancements, and changes as directed.
  • Create, customize, develop, and implement a leveraged use of Drupal version 8, including updates, enhancements, and changes as directed, to establish and manage limited Web content.
  • Install, test and deploy patches to the core CMS and modules for our Drupal CMS.
  • Research, develop, test, and implement product backlog items (user stories and defects), including analysis and reporting, on the prioritized project backlog within schedule and budget constraints ensure third-party libraries are downloaded and maintained on agency Subversion and/or Git sites.
  • Support the deployment process, including review of logs for errors after code deployment to all environments.


  • Experience with MYSQL, PERL, Bash and Shell scripting, CSS 2.0/3, JavaScript, jQuery, and web services.
  • Knowledge of Apache 2.4.x with lean configuration files using Macros with FIPS compliance, Apache, including Rewrite Map, LDAP, F5, DevOps, CICM automation, Subversion, Jenkins, Canary, Cloudbees, Puppet, Ansible, SOLR, Google Analytics, website permission management, NIST security requirements.
  • Strong knowledge and experience delivering software in a Continuous Integration Configuration Management (CICM) automated environment.
  • Strong understanding of core Drupal API and concepts, including Form API, Field API, Render API, etc.
  • Experience using SOAP and REST APIs
  • Strong knowledge of Object-Oriented PHP (OOP) including experience working with PHP version 7.1 and above.
  • Knowledge of PHP’s Symfony Framework and Bootstrap is a plus.
  • At least 5+ years experience in Drupal themes and modules.
  • At least 2+ years of experience in Drupal 8 especially with migration.
  • Knowledge and experience with Agile and Test Driven development methodologies.
  • Technology and solution leadership of complex Drupal-based systems including system and data migration.
  • Amenable to work on a part-time, on-call basis

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