Company Introduction

The Digiters is a Swiss-based and managed group of digital masters and remote consultants from around the world. We are an offsite extended team of creative, tech, and marketing consultants. We provide guidance and services to help businesses and organizations shape and drive their transformation journey to remain at the forefront of the Digital Age.

The Joy of Working With Us

By being a Digiter, you get to work with European clients and you have access to professional coaching and training. Work hours are flexible and you can choose if you want to be part-time or full-time. You have total freedom because we operate in a fully-remote working environment and you can work on your preferred projects. Plus, you can get performance bonuses and opportunities for professional development! The possibilities are endless with the Digiters!

Job Description

We are looking for a graphic designer who knows how to use knowledge of typography, color, layout, and image manipulation to create visually appealing designs that clearly communicate core product offerings to customers. In addition to our design team, you will work closely with our remote project managers and marketing team to produce world-class assets for digital and ensure that all deliverables maintain a look and feel that is consistent with our client’s brand.


  • Collaborate with the design team, and take direction from upper management in an effort to create engaging designs for digital.
  • Responsible for generating design concepts, executing revisions, and meeting deadlines.
  • Design visuals for digital so that information is easy to find, read, and understand.
  • Gather all relevant facts for each project and ensure that all deliverables communicate the correct information.
  • Generate clear ideas, concepts, and designs of creative assets from beginning to end.
  • Work collaboratively with other designers to ensure a consistent, integrated brand perception.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team that includes marketers and product managers in order to create compelling designs.
  • Translate information about the client’s business and customers into designs that are visually enticing, easy to understand, and emotionally impactful.
  • Stay on top of the latest standards, processes, and trends in the visual design field.


  • A strong portfolio that showcases aesthetic awareness and design problem solving abilities
  • A high level of proficiency using Adobe products like InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • A basic working knowledge of screen design tools
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to clearly explain design decisions in words and writing
  • The ability to receive, interpret, and implement constructive feedback from project stakeholders into your design work
  • An appreciation for and awareness of emerging design trends in print and digital
  • Able to learn new tools and processes quickly and work in a fast-evolving remote environment

Does this look like something you are passionate about? Send your CV and portfolio to today!